Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The joys of snow and trains

Today I needed to get into work early to start looking at one of our file servers that has started throwing some worrying errors since a Windows Update last week.

I therefore left home at 5:40 to get to my local station (Guildford London Road) only to discover no trains were going to be running from it on account of an inch of freshly laid snow.

Ok - bit annoyed about that - so walked the extra 20 mins to get to the Mainline station and catch a slightly delayed fast train coming up from Haslemere - however that was 2.5 hours ago now and I'm still not at my final destination - London Waterloo!!

So far on this epic journey I have been delayed by 2 failed trains being on the same line in front of mine and 1 train that caught fire!

So assuming there are no more issues I should get to work over 3 hours 45 minutes after setting out this morning - a record commute for me!

However an old neighbour who I meet on a train last week had a 4.5 hour commute last Thursday - so she still holds the record.

Please understand the normal commute takes 50 mins!

Here's an update at 9:20 - we're so close to Waterloo I can smell the Costa coffee - but guess what - we've just been told our train has failed - I could break my neighbours record afterall!
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