Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dev Server issue with Visual Studio 2008 solved

My development PC suddenly started to behave strangely when running development ASP.NET sites from within Visual Studio 2008.

Everything had been working fine for months but suddenly I got this error: "Unable to launch the asp.net development server because port xxxxx is in use" - where xxxxx was the random port used by Visual Studio.

I managed to fix this issue by changing settings in my Anti-Virus software (ESET NOD32). Under the Setup menu I selected Advanced Setup. I then navigated to the Web access protection area of the configuration and selected Web browsers.

Once in this area I then excluded both Visual Studio 9.0 executables.

When I returned to Visual Studio and hit F5 or selected View in Browser - everything worked as before.

Not sure why this started happening but I'm glad it's fixed!

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